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a dinner with the dark…

‘Dinner with the Dark’, a very special dinner experience for a good cause. DEER LORD! is the evening’s main event and we plan on making it very memorable!

‘Dinner with the Dark’ will be a combination of having dinner in a dark room decorated with glow in the dark everythings while playing an adjusted version of DEER LORD! All proceeds will go to the Resto Du Coeur, a charity that gives food packages and hot meals to the needy.

when and where ?

DATE : 25th of March, 2016
TIME : 7:30pm – 11:00pm
LOCATION : gate 15 – Tarmac (Kleine Kauwenberg 15 Antwerp)

game rules

Each participant receives 5 glow sticks at the start of the dinner. Players try to complete their assigned ‘do something’ cards before the end of the diner. Successful execution earns you glowsticks, getting caught means losing glowsticks. The players with the most glowsticks at the end of the dinner battle it out in a final duel round.

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deer lord party card game

I want to go to there

Tickets are available on Indiegogo’s ‘Generosity’ platform.

€35 buys yourself a seat at the table…

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…but donating can also mean getting some DEER LORD merchandise!

We are sponsoring stickers, postcards, posters and GAMES GAMES GAMES!

deer lord party card game

for a good cause

100% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Restos du Coeur, a charity organisation that focuses on relieving hunger and reallocating food surpluses in Europe. They ask that food surpluses are made available for free, or at low prices, for those in need.

deer lord party card game

the organizers

‘Dinner with the Dark’ is the offspring of Nebulous Dinners, a group of 9 BBA students from KU Leuven with their heart in the right place. They are working tirelessly to make this event the social gathering of the season!

Read all about the event on their Indiegogo page and, if you’re feeling hungry and charitable, consider donating and attending ‘Dinner with the Dark’!

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deer lord party card game

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