No more roaming aimlessly through the woods at night! The long hunt for the DEER LORD is finally over, so celebrations are in order! Product launch!

 April 1st, 2016 @ 19h00
Lousbergskaai 106, Ghent, Belgiumproduct launch facebook event

product launch free poster pick up deer lord party gameAll are invited to come play, eat, drink & ‘do something’ at the social event of the season. We will proudly showcase our game & artwork, play two game sessions and have a shot and a chat with you lovely lot!

Order a game and get a free poster (€20 value) if you come pick it up at our event! It’s A1 sized, has a nice glossy finish and makes sure any interior stays beautiful & classy!

Already ordered a game and plan to come to our launch party? Let us know you’ll be picking up your game and poster here.

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19h00 – doors open
19h30 – overture
19h45 – Jägershots!
20h00 – play DEER LORD! session #1
20h45 – Jägershots!
21h00 – play DEER LORD! session #2
22h00 – doors close


The event starts at 19h00 and we’ve calculated some 20 minutes for all you cool cats to arrive fashionably late. Arriving early is considered square, which is cool. The overture will be a short & sweet presentation about DEER LORD! We plan on leaving in everything that’s good about slideshows (star wipe transitions & sound effects) and taking out everything that’s boring (information & logic).

Every DEER LORD! sessions will be accompanied by ritual Jägershots, because it’s fun. We’ll be playing 2 sessions, one starting at 20h00 and the other at 21h00.

When and how the event ends, will likely depend on how rowdy everybody gets from playing DEER LORD and having all that schnapps in their system. We want you to have fun, but we still want to look out for you. Consider us a ‘Mom Friend’.

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Too far away, socially awkward or lazy? We will LIVE broadcast the event on YouTube and right here: LIVE @ 19.00pm GMT+1, April 1st

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art is not a thing; it is a way

You know how much we love design. ‘Our design’ to be specific. So we’re preparing an artsy installation that can serve as backdrop for the fanciest selfie you’ll ever take.

We’d advise not touching the art because greasy fingerprints might prevent it from getting in the Louvre. Then again, it’s so enticingly shiny! You know what, caress all you want, it will bring you luck and fortune!

Check out a step by step recipe for making these delicious origami creases.

deer lord party card game product launch origami art

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location, location, location

We’re having the event in the center of Ghent, Ferdinand Lousbergskaai 106.

deer lord party card game product launch location
by car: go to the Gent Reep parking for a care and stress free visit
by train: the nearest station is Gent Dampoort, within walking distance
by bus: nearest bus stop is Gent Veemarkt
by bike: plenty of bike parking on our quadrangle
on foot: put on a jacket, deer, it’s chilly out

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and now, a word from our sponsors

deer lord party card game sponsor jaegermeisterOur deer friends at jagermeister text are sponsoring ice cold shots during the event. So if you get here in time, there will be shots waiting for you, in preparation of playing DEER LORD! Drinking might not be a necessity to play, but it sure can help folks to win those first few cards.


deer lord party card game sponsor kbc start itStart It @KBC gives young start ups a ‘leg up’ in the business world. They offered us a place to hold this event and are helping us with planning and organizing.
Pretty sweet!


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