back view of an uncut deer lord card sheet

first glimpse at production

Have a sneak peek at the production process. It looks incredible!

DEER LORD! cards fact sheet
dimensions: 56 x 87 mm or 2.20 x 3.42 in.
material: 300 g/m² cardboard (playing card carton linen with black core);
print: 5/5-coloured euro scale + dispersion varnish
frame: same single coloured frame; round corner


The production of the DEER LORD card game is in full swing and it’s a sight for sore eyes! These uncut sheets of DEER LORD cards are quite literally fresh of the press.

front view of an uncut deer lord card sheet

Please induldge this ‘do something’ card and applaud as loud as you can and/or yell out how much fun this game is! Stacks of these large sheets are printed before being fed into a machine, specifically made for cutting up sheets into cards. Yet another machine will take care of giving the cards their rounded corners.

close up of a DEER LORD card on a sheet

I think we are doing exactly what’s on this ‘do something’ card!

close up of a DEER LORD card on a sheet front view

You can clearly see the carton linen structure which will give the cards a superior feel.

The manufacturer loved the look of the design so much he hung up an uncut sheet on the wall of his office. In your face, Mona Lisa!

Visit our webshop to pre-order the game (available March 2016!)

Click here if you are curious about the design of the box!

deer lord party card game packaging emotional rollercoaster expansion


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