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DEER LORD @ Spielwarrenmesse 2016

Spielwarrenmesse in Nuremburg is probably the biggest toy fair in the world. We visited to meet with board game distributors, publishers and manufacturers. Attending a toy fair of this size was a real adventure. All the big names in the European board game industry were there: Hasbro, Asmodee, Jumbo, Stonemaier, Mayfair, … And we went to meet with all of them.

Spielwarrenmesse statistics

# visitors: > 75.000

# Children: 0

Top International visitor: Italy

Top International Exhibitor: China

Display Area: 170.000 m²

Source: Spielwarrenmesse report

Floor plan

Spielwarrenmesse floor plan 2016

12 halls filled with every toy imaginable! From drones to trains, dolls to dragons and tabletop to card games. No Willy Wonka’s here though, only people in business suits out to give the biggest return on investment. “Thankfully”, children are not allowed to attend.

These are some of the things to expect at Spielwarrenmesse.

Like kids in some kind of store

Asmodee Spielwarrenmesse board game table Asmodee Spielwarrenmesse board game with pandemicBrood rage set up

Asmodee has got a pretty sweet set-up, showcasing all their latest board bames on a long table. No wonder the schedules of all their representatives were filled before the fair even started. Those blood rage miniatures look so detailed, it looks  like they were made by monks!

Worst Darth Vader costume ever

This Darth Vader costume we spotted is the exact opposite of that.

As expected, Star Wars was featured in everything. It makes everything look instantly cool. Well not everything…


Here’s Spielwarrenmesse’s organiser in an advertisement with none other than a crummy Darth Vader doll. When Dart Vader asks him which side of the force he’s one, he states he’s on the ‘smart buying side’. Great German pun or old man mumblings? We’ll let the group decide!

dildo star wars tooth brush

This post is becoming more and more about Star Wars but we couldn’t resist sharing this fun-for-the-whole-family ‘tooth brush’ with you. Definitely light saber shaped, nothing phallic about it!

grand tour europe

We were particularly impressed with the design of helvetiq. This Swiss based publisher creates stunning board games!


The life of a racecar bed salesman isn’t always glamorous. Because racecar beds are the leading cause of childhood insomnia, most of these salesmen sleep in real cars.

sheep stand at spielwarrenmesse

Rocking sheep, because rocking horses are so yesterday!


No ‘My Little Ponies’ were hurt physically during the making of this rainbow. Not pictured: Bronies weeping at the devastation.

cutest business meeting

The cutest business meeting at Spielwarrenmesse. Luckily, it was everybody’s unbirthday that day so they had so much fun!

Cheers Dries