Want to know what some people had to say about DEER LORD? Here are some reviews:

“DEER LORD jumps out with a stark minimalist design. On top of that, the game seems to feature some interesting mechanics and graphic design. Be sure to check this one out.”
Brad Cummings, The Geek Weekly #90,

“It’s great to see a party game with a sense of flair and originality (…) the lifetime of the game is really limited by your imagination. (…) I was genuinely impressed by DEER LORD. Playing it is a unique experience, a blend of physical and verbal challenges, which takes the game well away from the tabletop.”

“fabulous minimalst art and design”
Nicole Jekich,

“In a world where I am sick and tired of Cards Against Humanity knockoffs, DEER LORD! fills a void that many social gamers need filled.”

“A perfect party game”

“this is a really solid game in its genre – highly recommend this game to drunk people – there’s barely any strategy, but that’s not the point of the game – super easy to get started and learn”

“I enjoy the bluffing/subtlety of the “Do Something” cards mixed with the oddball challenges of the “Dueling” cards. One minute, you’re watching everyone suspiciously, and the next you’re laughing at the stupid actions they were challenged to.”

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