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Le freak, c’est chic!

GEEK is for brainiacs who would rather interact with popular culture than other people. ASYLUM will take you to the brink of insanity.

This dual expansion favors us *special* people, so play with friends who don’t mind acting, looking or being weird.


  • 22 GEEK cards
  • 32 ASYLUM cards
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SOCIALLY AWKWARD combines 2 DEER LORD expansions into an oddball wonderland.

If you prefer a heated debate over fist fights or dance routines (or anything physical like that), the GEEK expansion lets you pummel your opponents with pop culture knowledge. Proclaim yourself the Stephan Urquelle among the Urkels.

ASYLUM let’s you fly over the cuckoo’s nest to unleash ALL the crazy! No point in playing sneakily with this set of totally absurd cards that will send the game right to the nut house.

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SOCIALLY AWKWARD comes as deck of 54 cards in a lid box, printed black on white with Pantone silver details.

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