Voorbeeld van een spelletje DEER LORD!


Check out how a game of DEER LORD! is played. Don’t feel like reading the game rules, you lazy generation X’er? Typical! Luckily we’ve got just the thing… Click read more!

4 players: MAX  –  JAMES  –  EMMA  –  SOPHIE

[su_highlight background=”#1db95c”]note[/su_highlight]: For greater clarity, this example does not include the rewards on the cards because we are familiar with the limited attention span and working memory of the current generation. Don’t give us that look, you know you’re guilty (we’re guilty too).

All players receive 7 random cards. The deck is placed in the middle of the table.

[su_highlight background=”#1db95c”]START![/su_highlight]

Max is the first to play a duel and starts the game.

MAX ' turn

do something text

NOPE: During your first turn, it’s not possible to reveal a ‘do something’ card.

duel text

Max challenges Emma to a duel.

card who can scream the loudest

screaming 4 bw



The group decides unanimously that Emma traumatized their eardrums the most. Max gives the duel card to Emma, who puts it in front of her.

Emma:  ‘I am such an awesome screamer, I’m so freakin’ good at it!’

JAMES ' turn

do something text

NOPE: James did not ‘do’ anthing yet.

duel text

James challenges Sophie to a duel.

DL card impersonation

James wants both players to impersonate ‘Alpha’, the robot from ‘The Power Rangers’. The group decides against this and chooses ‘THE MEGAZORD’ instead.




The group decides Sophie wins. She gets the duel card from James and puts it face-up in front of her.

Emma: ‘I don’t really like the Power Lamers, I prefer Digimon.’

Group: ‘You’re so full of it, Emma, you suck!’

*Max answers his phone and starts chatting*

James: ‘DEER LORD!, you are not really on the phone with anybody!’

Max: ‘ Gosh darnet, how’d you know?’

Max reveals his ‘do something’ card.



Since James’ accusation is correct, he chooses one of the cards in his hand and swaps it with a new one from the deck on the table.

Max swaps the ‘do something’ card he was busted with, drawing a new card from the deck.

EMMA ' turn

do something text

Emma reveals what she ‘did’ this round and shows the group the corresponding ‘do something’ cards:

  1. In Max’ turn, Emma said:[su_highlight background=”#5c5c5c”] ‘I am such an awesome screamer, I’m so freakin’ good at it!’[/su_highlight]


The group remembered Emma saying this. Emma puts the ‘do something’ face-up card in front of her.

  1. In James’ turn, Emma referenced: [su_highlight background=”#5c5c5c”] The Power ‘Lamers’[/su_highlight]


The group remembers Emma saying this, but they decide her pun was too weak to count. Emma swaps the card with a new one from the deck.

  1. In James’ turn, [su_highlight background=”#5c5c5c”] Emma claimed to love Digimon.[/su_highlight]


Emma: ‘ Obviously I don’t really like Digimon and guessed you guys wouldn’t either.’

Sophie: *slams her fist on the table*: ‘ Well done, I knew something was going on and I should have yelled ‘DEER LORD!’. You deserve to win this card and very onix-pected too! Now there’s a good pun, Emma.’

Emma puts the ‘do something’ card in front of her.

duel text

NOPE: Emma does not play a duel this turn.

*James is making weird faces and puts his whole fist in his mouth*

Max: ‘DEER LORD! You are making weird faces!’

James: ‘Nope! Not a DEER LORD! Doing it for the lulz!’


James made a false accusation. He does not have any cards in front of him on the table he could use as a joker, so he is forced to draw an extra card from the deck.

sophie ' turn

do something text

Sophie reveals what she ‘did’ this round and shows the group the corresponding ‘do something’ cards:

  1. During Emma’s turn, [su_highlight background=”#5c5c5c”] Sophie slammed her fist on the table[/su_highlight]

slam your fist on the table

Group: None of us saw or heard that so it does not count.

Sophie switches this card with a new one from the deck.

duel text

Sophie challenges James to a duel.

who has the best karate skills




The group decides James has the best karate skills. James takes the duel card from Sophie and puts it in front of him.

[su_highlight background=”#1db95c”]KEEP GOING![/su_highlight]

Max is up next, then James, Emma and Sophie and the game will keep going until a player is out of cards. THE FIRST PLAYER WITH NO MORE CARDS IN THEIR HAND, WINS THE GAME

If the last card in someone’s hand is a duel card, he/she has to win that duel in order to win the game. If he/she loses, they’ll draw a new card from the deck.


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