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print and plays in all languages

For international tabletop day we’re launching DEER LORD in 6 additional languages in Print & Play download so you can enjoy DEER LORD in your own weird language!

Check out the list below to find out the languages that were translated by our fantastic community. We wish them all the good greeting card quotes and want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

Want to contribute, edit, correct or start a new translation in your language, please contact us through this form!



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How do you download the files?

  1. Fill out your email address in the language that you want to download.
  2. Go to your email inbox and find a mail titled ‘confirm subscription to DEER LORD in weird sounding language’ and HIT subscribe.
  3. Receive an email with a download link to the PDF of the Print & Play version of your choice DEER LORD


translated by Lorenzo, Lucrezia & Vittorio

Play with extra hand gestures!



Sebastian did the entire translation

Köszönöm Sebastian. Te egy hős vagy!



team effort by Christel, Léo, Bertrand, Mickael, Gwendoline & Tisba



Barbusi and his dictionary



by a mysterious unnamed stranger…



translated by Edyta, Jan and not one but TWO Piotrs



Rubén assisted by Luciano Melendrez, Deanna, David, & Angel



that was us from the start! Akkerdjie!



Vielen Dank für Pascal, Celina & Benjamin


Brazilian Portuguese

The lovely Murilo & Aline, and wonderful Maria & Jeroen


Note that all these translations were made by fans of DEER LORD who wanted to play the game in their own language. Unfortunately we can not speak all of these languages so we can’t guarantee the quality of these translations. If you want to contribute to the translations by either correcting mistakes, adding to existing translations or starting a new language by yourself, visit our translation page and contact us through the Google Sheet of your language to receive editing rights.

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