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Our Kickstarter backers are receiving their games as DEER LORD is showering upon the world like manna from heaven! We suggested they take some pictures of their long-awaited reward, and we’re so touched by the response. Here are some of our favorite people online. If you’re looking for someone to follow on instagram or twitter, we recommend these wonderful folk with all our heart.

Definitely not meant as a full list, and in no particular order.

Deer Lord! I got some new loot today! I heard some great positive reviews about this game, I can’t wait to try this one out, + it’s ‘made in Belgium’, double win? Have a look at their page, @d33rlord!

A photo posted by The Boardgeek (@theboardgeek) on

Game nighttttttt with some losers! :p #cowboydual #gamenight #deerlord

A video posted by Melinda Mariee♥ (@muhlinduhx3) on

Well well… Look what turned up just in time for the weekend! #deerlord

A photo posted by @deus.rex on

Well well… Look what turned up just in time for the weekend! #deerlord

A photo posted by @deus.rex on

#deerlord !!! #kickstarter #settlersofthenorthmetro I love game night! #gamenight

A photo posted by Casey Dahlheimer-Lawson (@cllawson22) on

Deer Lord came! Huzzah Kickstarter! Huzzah @d33rlord ! #deerlord #partygames #tabletop #bgg

A photo posted by Rum & Board (@rumandboard) on

Oh my #deerlord I’ve finally been #blessed 🙂 Can’t wait to start playing!

A photo posted by @pandamajesty on

Just got my copy of #deerlord! Excited to play! Thanks for making a beautiful product!

A photo posted by Jesse English (@nyundi) on

Thank you for sending me this incredible game! @d33rlord

A photo posted by Victor Saldanha C. (@alouvictorr) on

Got my copy of #deerlord in the mail! #partygame #kickstarter #crowdfunding #cardgame

A photo posted by Maxim De Smet (@m8xim) on

Super #deerlord #tabletopgame just arrived today! #madeinbelgium #kickstarter #whowantstoplay

A photo posted by Tim V (@elektr_house) on

Yay! 🙌🏽 #deerlord #tabletop

A photo posted by Flip ✨🌟💫 (@flipactual) on

The wait is over. I’ve been blessed by the #deerlord #excited Thanks Dries en Dennis! @d33rlord

A photo posted by Nils Schillewaert (@nilsschi) on

#deerlord #emotionalrollercoaster #forfameandforgame #sociallyawkward

A photo posted by Chang Weng Hoe (@changwenghoe) on

#deerlord #kickstarter

A photo posted by Johan Ronsse (@johan_ronsse) on

Monday off to a great start, my #kickstarter version of Deer Lord! arrived. #deerlord

A photo posted by Instapuff (@shurypuff) on



#d33rlord #deerlord #catfight #tattoo

A video posted by Kevin Jacobs (@kevinjacobss) on


You are all Blessed!

deer lord party card game(and don’t be upset if we didn’t include you – we must have forgot – it’s not like we’re holding onto any grudges or anything – unless you’re the one who shot Bambi’s mom – screw that guy – drop us a line if you want us to add you to the list!)

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